Jitana P Benton-Lee The 26th International Nursing Philosophy Conference 2023

Jitana P Benton-Lee

Dr. Jitana Benton-Lee is the CEO and Founder of Cultured Remedy, LLC, a patient advocacy organization based out of Central Kentucky. She works as an Associate Professor of Graduate Nursing at Northern Kentucky University. She has obtained multiple degrees, including a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Science degrees in nursing, health, and business administration. Her Bachelor’s degrees are in Nursing and English. Currently, she is obtaining a nursing Ph.D. at Texas Woman’s University. Dr. Jitana gleans knowledge on creating inclusive healthcare environments for diverse patient populations through nursing care provisions to rural African Americans, migrant farmworkers, Appalachian Americans, LGBTQ+ persons, and the deaf and hearing-impaired community; and by conducting studies on the cross-cultural development of healthcare providers and systems. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CommonHealth Action, and the National Collaborative for Health Equity selected her as a Culture of Health Leader for her commitment to health equity. She is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory®, a Nurse Executive Advance-Board Certified, and a Certified Nurse Educator. She is the president of Sigma Theta Tau International, Rho Theta chapter, and recently, the former Chapter Chair of the Bluegrass Region of the Kentucky Nurses Association overseeing 15 counties. Also, she is an active member of the Health Equity Leadership & Exchange Network, the Southern Nurses Research Society, the Transcultural Nursing Society, the Council of the Advancement of Nursing Science, and the National League of Nurses.

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