Oral Presentation The 26th International Nursing Philosophy Conference 2023

A Call to Action: Integrating Anti-racist Philosophies in Dismantling Racism and Anti-Black Racism within Nursing Education in Canada (#69)

Janet Montague 1 2
  1. University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
  2. Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Taking tangible steps to decolonize nursing education in Canada is critical to addressing systemic racism and anti-Black racism in nursing. Nursing education has historically been shaped by colonial and Eurocentric ideologies, which have resulted in the marginalization and erasure of Black and other racialized communities’ knowledge, culture, and ways of knowing (Iheduru‐Anderson & Waite, 2022; McGibbon & Lukeman, 2019). This has perpetuated racial inequities in nursing education and healthcare, leading to disparities in health outcomes and access to care for Black communities (Bell, 2021; Waite & Nardi, 2021). Hence, there is an urgent need to decolonize nursing education by dismantling systemic racism and anti-Black racism within the nursing curriculum. Drawing on anti-racist philosophies, I argue that decolonizing nursing education is not merely talking about equity, diversity, and inclusion but a call to action to address the root causes of racial inequities in healthcare. In this presentation, I propose strategies that nursing educators, policymakers, researchers, and educational institutions can take to dismantle systemic racism and anti-Black racism in nursing education and practice. These strategies include acknowledging the historical and contemporary impacts of colonialism and systemic racism on Black people’s health and well-being, integrating, and centering Black knowledge and perspectives into nursing theory, practice, and research, engaging in critical self-reflection, and intentionally integrating anti-racist pedagogy. Furthermore, it is critical to diversify the nursing workforce to better reflect the diverse communities that nurses serve. Ultimately, decolonizing nursing calls for a paradigm shift in nursing education that centers on anti-racist philosophies and approaches, equity, and social justice that promotes the health and well-being of all Canadians.