Oral Presentation The 26th International Nursing Philosophy Conference 2023

Could the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals be the evolutionary step needed to create the next Nurses Ways of Knowing? (#20)

marion lynch 1
  1. Quality Education and Research Ltd, Buckingham, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, United Kingdom

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a global framework for addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges to achieve a sustainable future. In nursing, , Carper's ways of knowing offer a valuable framework for understanding different dimensions of nursing knowledge. I explore how the SDGs can build upon Carper's ways of knowing and propose Transformative Knowing as a new SDG way of knowing for nurses.

The SDGs focus on health, equity, and sustainable development so align closely with Carper's ways of knowing. The empirical knowing of the SDGs is evident in the data-driven approach to identify health priorities, measure progress, and inform evidence-based practices. Ethical knowing is reflected in the SDGs' commitment to social justice, equity, and ethical decision-making to address health disparities and promote universal health coverage. Personal knowing encompasses the SDGs' emphasis on person-centered care, recognizing the importance of individual experiences and perspectives in healthcare.

Aesthetic knowing can be seen in the emphasis on creativity, innovation, and the integration of arts and culture in health promotion and well-being. This opens the door to exploring the integration of artistic expressions and experiences to enhance nursing practice and patient care within the SDG framework.

Building on these foundations I introduce transformative knowing as a concept linking SDGs as a way of knowing for nurses. Transformative knowing goes beyond the traditional ways of knowing, highlighting the need for nurses to embrace innovation, adaptability, and systems thinking in response to the complex and rapidly changing healthcare landscape. It emphasizes nurses’ role as change agents, working collaboratively to drive sustainable improvements in health outcomes and contribute to the attainment of the SDGs.

The SDGs build on Carper's ways of knowing, add transformation knowing and highlight how nurses contribute to global efforts towards sustainable development,redefining  nurse's role in shaping the future of healthcare.