Oral Presentation The 26th International Nursing Philosophy Conference 2023

Utility and emancipation of nurses through I'm Fine Project; exploring nurse identity and wellbeing through nurse images in art.  (#19)

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  1. Quality Education and Research Ltd, Buckingham, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, United Kingdom

The Charity Paintings in Hospital's  I’m Fine nurse wellbeing project uses art and nurses' image to influence nurse identity formation, support critical thinking, nurse wellbeing and nurse identity reformation within the context of 21st-century global healthcare. By incorporating Carper's ways of knowing, feminist philosophy, and Foucault's concept of fracture, we explore how this innovative art-based initiative fosters a transformative environment and contributes to nurse identity and its impact on nursing practice, education, and research.

Nurse identity is pivotal in shaping delivery of healthcare delivery. Realist evaluation through lenses of Carper's ways of knowing, feminist philosophy, and Foucault's fracture, highlights I’m Fine’s utility in supervision, and emancipatory gains needed for wellbeing, highlighting how nurse identity is being reformed for 21st-century global healthcare.

 I'm Fine  engages nurses in Carper’s aesthetic knowing, connecting them with patients on a deeper emotional level. By incorporating artistic expression into their practice, nurses cultivate empathy, creativity, and a holistic understanding of own and patients' experiences. Feminist principles underpin the project, promoting equality, empowerment, and patient-centered care. By using image and art to challenge traditional power dynamics and embrace inclusivity, nurses reform their identities, fostering a gender-sensitive and socially conscious approach to healthcare. I'm Fine disrupts traditional healthcare structures by introducing art as a means of seeing, understanding, and being, and of healing and communication. By encouraging nurses to critically examine power relations and dominant discourses, Foucault’s fracture forms, and nurse identity reforms, attuned to structural injustices and capable of transformative change.

I'm Fine serves as a powerful tool for education, reflection, and nurse identity reformation in 21st-century global healthcare. The integration of theories enables nurses engaging with this initiative to develop insights into how they construct their own identity, and supports them to conduct compassionate and creative care, empowering nurses to leverage art as a transformative force.